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Learn Rust Programming

Rust is an open-source programming language that is extensively used to build kernels for operating systems, game engines for video games, browser engines for web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and command-line tools.

It is one of the fastest programming languages and requires less memory. Our Rust tutorials will guide you to learn Rust programming one step at a time.

What is Rust?

Rust is one of the most popular programming languages in recent times. Here're some of the features of Rust that make it so popular:

  • Platform Independent - You can compile a Rust program on one platform and run it on another platform.
  • Performance - Rust is one of the fastest programming languages. Not only that, but it also requires less memory, which makes it a highly efficient language.
  • Safe Concurrency - Rust doesn't allow programs to modify the same value simultaneously while running the concurrent program.
  • Memory Safety - Rust also provides memory safety to prevent unexpected crashes of its program.
  • C++ like Syntax - Rust is syntactically similar to C++.

Why Learn Rust?

Here're some of the reasons why you should learn Rust:

  • Most Loved Programming Language - According to the report from Stackoverflow, 87% of people love Rust.
  • Welcoming Community - Rust communities are friendly, and you can get all the help from them.
  • Fastest-growing programming languages - It is one of the fastest-growing programming languages designed by keeping today's requirements in mind.

How to learn Rust?

  • Rust tutorial from Programiz - We provide step-by-step tutorials to get you started with Rust programming.
  • Official Rust Documentation - You can always take references from the official Rust documentation.
  • Keep Practicing - The only way you can learn programming is by writing a lot of code.