Python Built-in Functions

returns absolute value of a number
Checks if any Element of an Iterable is True
returns true when all elements in iterable is true
Returns String Containing Printable Representation
converts integer to binary string
Converts a Value to Boolean
returns array of given byte size
Checks if the Object is Callable
returns immutable bytes object
Returns a Character (a string) from an Integer
Returns a Python code object
returns class method for given function
Creates a Complex Number
Deletes Attribute From the Object
Creates a Dictionary
Tries to Return Attributes of Object
Returns a Tuple of Quotient and Remainder
Returns an Enumerate Object
transforms a method into a static method
constructs iterator from elements which are true
Runs Python Code Within Program
returns floating point number from number, string
returns formatted representation of a value
returns immutable frozenset object
returns value of named attribute of an object
returns dictionary of current global symbol table
Executes Dynamically Created Program
returns whether object has named attribute
Invokes the built-in Help System
Converts to Integer to Hexadecimal
returns hash value of an object
reads and returns a line of string
Returns Identify of an Object
Checks if a Object is an Instance of Class
returns integer from a number or string
Checks if a Class is Subclass of another Class
returns an iterator
creates a list in Python
Returns dictionary of a current local symbol table
Returns Length of an Object
returns the largest item
returns the smallest value
Applies Function and Returns a List
Retrieves next item from the iterator
returns memory view of an argument
creates a featureless object
returns the octal representation of an integer
returns an integer of the Unicode character
Returns a file object
returns the power of a number
Prints the Given Object
returns the property attribute
returns a sequence of numbers
returns a printable representation of the object
returns the reversed iterator of a sequence
rounds a number to specified decimals
constructs and returns a set
sets the value of an attribute of an object
returns a slice object
returns a sorted list from the given iterable
returns the string version of the object
Adds items of an Iterable
Returns a tuple
Returns the type of the object
Returns the __dict__ attribute
Returns an iterator of tuples
Function called by the import statement
Returns a proxy object of the base class

Python Dictionary Methods

Removes all Items
Returns the Shallow Copy of a Dictionary
creates dictionary from given sequence
Returns Value of The Key
returns view of dictionary's (key, value) pair
Returns View Object of All Keys
Returns & Removes Latest Element From Dictionary
Inserts Key With a Value if Key is not Present
removes and returns element having given key
returns view of all values in dictionary
Updates the Dictionary

Python List Methods

Add a single element to the end of the list
adds iterable elements to the end of the list
insert an element to the list
Removes item from the list
returns the index of the element in the list
returns count of the element in the list
Removes element at the given index
reverses the list
sorts elements of a list
returns a shallow copy of the list
Removes all Items from the List

Python Set Methods

removes the specified element from the set
adds element to a set
Returns Shallow Copy of a Set
remove all elements from a set
Returns Difference of Two Sets
Updates Calling Set With Intersection of Sets
Removes an Element from The Set
Returns Intersection of Two or More Sets
Updates Calling Set With Intersection of Sets
Checks Disjoint Sets
Checks if a Set is Subset of Another Set
Checks if a Set is Superset of Another Set
Removes an Arbitrary Element
Returns the symmetric difference of sets
Updates the Set with symmetric difference
Returns the union of sets
Add elements to the set
returns immutable frozenset object

Python String Methods

Converts first character to Capital Letter
Pads string with specified character
converts to case folded strings
returns occurrences of substring in string
Checks if String Ends with the Specified Suffix
Replaces Tab character With Spaces
returns encoded string of given string
Returns the index of first occurrence of substring
formats string into nicer output
Returns Index of Substring
Checks Alphanumeric Character
Checks if All Characters are Alphabets
Checks Decimal Characters
Checks Digit Characters
Checks for Valid Identifier
Checks if all Alphabets in a String are Lowercase
Checks Numeric Characters
Checks Printable Character
Checks Whitespace Characters
Checks for Titlecased String
returns if all characters are uppercase characters
Returns a Concatenated String
returns left-justified string of given width
returns right-justified string of given width
returns lowercased string
returns uppercased string
swap uppercase characters to lowercase; vice versa
Removes Leading Characters
Removes Trailing Characters
Removes Both Leading and Trailing Characters
Returns a Tuple
returns a translation table
Returns a Tuple
returns mapped charactered string
Replaces Substring Inside
Returns the Highest Index of Substring
Returns Highest Index of Substring
Splits String from Left
Splits String From Right
Splits String at Line Boundaries
Checks if String Starts with the Specified String
Returns a Title Cased String
Returns a Copy of The String Padded With Zeros
Formats the String Using Dictionary

Python Tuple Methods

returns count of the element in the tuple
returns the index of the element in the tuple